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Post  Timcanpy™ on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:29 am

Take heed that rules will be updated without notice, unless it's of urgency terms.

Infinitia says:

Player Rules:

* No skills in Gonryun.
* No spamming.
* No begging of any kind.
* No botting.
* No harassment of any kind.
* No kill stealing or looting other players.
* Be respectful of all players.
* Be respectful of all GM/admins.
* Do not abuse bugs or glitches.
* Do not block or crowd around NPCs.
* No chat rooms or shops in the main town.
* English is the only language to be spoken in main chat.
* Do not use "GM", "Game Master", "Admin", or "Administrator" in your name, party name, guild name, or guild title.
* Do not use the "DestinyRo' name without permission
* Do not advertise other servers.
* Do not PvP or duel in the main town or in Paradise.
* Do not use dead branches or bloody branches in any town or the jail.
* Do not ask to be a GM or Staff Member.
* No littering in Hugel.
* "Shop Holding" is not permitted.
* If you loan out items or equips, you do so at your own risk.
* Do NOT give out your ID or password to anyone, this includes Staff.
* No dual clienting of any kind.
* The use of outside forms of communication between players is not a valid form of evidence.

GM Rules:

* Do not abuse GM commands.
* GM will not give items, zeny, or levels to players.
* GM characters may not join non GM guilds.
* GM characters may not join non GM parties.
* GM characters may not marry non GM characters.
* GM characters will not use GM commands in excess.
* GM characters will not hold events in main town.
* GM characters will respect all players as well as other GM/admins.
* A superior staff members choice and command is final.
* GM characters must obey all normal player rules where applicable as well as the above added rules.

Chain of Punishment:
(This is merely a guideline and may or may not be applied)

1. Three Warnings.
2. Mute if applicable, otherwise jail.
3. Temporary Ban, ranging from 3 days to 7 days.
4. Permanent Ban. Applied instantly if player is ban dodging, or if misbehavior continues.
5. IP Ban if deemed necessary

-PVP Room 1 is FFA Means Free For ALL, You Can Gang Team.

-PVP Room 2 Has A Rule. Wait For Your Enemy To Finish His Fight Before Engaging To Him. Respect Players On Duels. Anyone Got Cought Gang Teaming on this Room Will Have 20min Mute First Offense. 1Day Ban Second Offense. 3rd Offense Account Block

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