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[GM]Sinful™ Event And Rules =3

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[GM]Sinful™ Event And Rules =3 Empty [GM]Sinful™ Event And Rules =3

Post  [GM]Sinful on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:20 am

Okay guy's I'm going to write down rule's to the Event's i run so far in DestinyRO:

-**Dice Event**-
Okay, this is how it work's, if i roll the dice and land it on 2,3,4,5 you guy's roll, so example, if i roll the number 3, you must roll the dice either to the exact number as 3 or higher, but if you roll the dice and go under that number you will be Nuked. If i roll a 1 or 6, of course i have to re-roll once again until i get 2,3,4,5, its actually simple to play. Also if there is 2 people left, we have this thing called Dice Off, this is easy, whom ever that person get's the highest number wins. =3

-**Resident Evil**-
Now, for this Event, you guys must Create a Novice thats lvl 1/1 only, if i find out your higher lvl or that the zombie are not killing you, you will be Nuked, also if i see you guy's using skills during the Event, considered as Nuke as well. Now, for the rules, all you simply do is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, you must not try to get hit from the zombie's at all. Last person standing wins the Event. =3

-**Disguise Event**-
This one is simple, there will be 10 Rounds in this Event, each correct answer is worth 1DC\Destiny Coin, spelling does count but no need to worry about capitalizing the spelling, can be all small. At the very Last Round of this Event, the player who get's the right answer will win 1DC\Destiny Coin and 1 Bloody Branch.

-**New Event's**-

-**Duck Duck Nuke**-
Another simple Event. You will be warped to an area with separated tiles. Each player will select and sit on one tile. The GM will then select a tile to start from. Afterwards, the GM will roll a Dice and move from tile to tile according to what he/she rolled. Whomever is on the tile the GM lands on will be Nuked. Last player alive wins.

Hope These Rules Help You Guy's Alot While Doing These Events With Me =3

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[GM]Sinful™ Event And Rules =3 Cenov3qh
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[GM]Sinful™ Event And Rules =3 Empty Re: [GM]Sinful™ Event And Rules =3

Post  Timcanpy™ on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:26 am

Just to clarify things.
This event wasn't made by Echo.

And the real name for this event is BS Style Dice.
Former RoR GM Bamboo and Myself made this event.

[GM]Sinful™ Event And Rules =3 Sig-18278
Your brilliant deduction thrills me.

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