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Psychology: A Disturbing Truth

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Psychology: A Disturbing Truth Empty Psychology: A Disturbing Truth

Post  Sadistic on Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:08 pm

The world of Ragnarok SHR, the world of RoR, 4 slotted things. A game, non the less an imperfect world, not imperfect from the GM's or Admins or Developers. Maybe I'm the only one that doesn't see it that way.

It's imperfect because of the human mind, our deep thoughts and beliefs, our pride. A world with "Master Toks" the great Sin X, LK, WS. Beloved Endue, a great LK and Sin X. Nice Grimtooths they hold, nice seyrens they wear. lighting Champions Sinful and Seraphic and all. That's a nice Spike. Great Profs Savage and all, that's a nice HW card FBH, wow that magic hurts "what a fast kill". Those are classes a lot of people play, they are accepted as the leading classes in our world. The human mind has accepted it deep within our consciousness. people who play those classes are seen as Leaders not role players, not pawns. They are great Guild leaders. Great pvpers. Their population is high.

But in this online would there r minors like the real world. Minorities, classes that struggle to make it big. Just like how there are strong people and weak people in this world, people usaully respect the strong. And pride themselves, I'm an LK, i'm a Sin X, i'm cool, just like Toks n Endue. I'm a champ just like those WHATYAMA Call them those fast spammers that cast penuma and relocate so no one can touch them, i wear a spike or a grimtooth, gives me superior HP.
Thats how humans think.

Humans feel insulted when a minor (someone who's in a lower position than you) perseveres and harms an image of someone who's in a higher position.
Like when a sniper kills an LK. Like when a sniper kills a Sin X. Like when a Sniper kills a Champ. How? How is this MADNESS possible? How can a sniper kill me? Those low classes that girls play, that class that aren't in the majority view like LK Sin X and Champ. Those loser snipers have like 3m hp i have twice or even thrice more. How is this madness possible? How can an Ant kill an Elephant? How can a Turtle run faster than a Dog? How can a loser take my girlfriend? How can a horse beat a car? Impossible. Something must be done to preserve the balance of this 1 sniper who managed to kill an LK, a Champ, a Sin X, a Prof, a WS, a HW.

If you are killed by a LK, u accept it you are honored they r strong.
If you are killed by a Sin X, u accept it you are honored they r strong.
If you are killed by a Champ, u accept it you are honored they r strong.
If you are killed by a Magic Class, u accept it you are honored they r strong.
If you are stripped by a stalker, u accept it you are pissed off they r strong.
It happens usually. You are used to it.

If you are killed by a 1 sniper, u don't accept it you are enraged, you have never seen it happen before. You are going psyco mode. You are ashamed of yourself.
The human mind has experienced a new phenomenon, a new experience.

Humans tend to have higher levels of panic when they have witnessed something they never expected, or never seen before. Humans pride themselves and live by statistics and insight into the future. You are prideful when fighting a sniper. You think:"That loser sniper, snipers always die fast HAHAHAHA" But when the script is turned and you die......your belief is shattered.

I know it hurts when the unexpected happens. It hurts when you are playing the class that are the majority power. Don't be alarmed or panic, don't be ashamed, it's ok to be killed by a sniper. Because i have 1 thing to say, even tho others who play snipers don't succeed in killing you, doesn't mean 1 of them can't succeed. Remember Frodo Smile not all hobbits are Frodo. Imagine u were Sauron and the Orcs. How would you feel? The viewers of the movie are glad that Frodo exists, and you should also be glad that someone else that represents that image exists in Destiny Ro.

Destiny RO is imperfect, cuz of the players prejudice and pride in their own class and personal beliefs. The human mind with absolute perceptions, is weak.
The human mind that accepts that anomalies exists, is infinity CALM.

Free your mind.


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Psychology: A Disturbing Truth Empty Re: Psychology: A Disturbing Truth

Post  Binson on Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:57 pm


Just kidding. I read it. But I don't get it. Hurr

Edit- Nvm. I give this +71835790123740239740237432743.

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