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Scripter Needed Now Hiring

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Scripter Needed Now Hiring Empty Scripter Needed Now Hiring

Post  [GM]Sinful on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:51 am

This is the information we will be needed from you:

1.) Your Name=

2.) Your Age=

3.) In-Game Name=

4.) How Long Are You On RO=

5.) If You Are Selected To Be A Scripter, Will You Be Active Incase Needed, And How Long Will You Be Active=

6.) How Long Have You Been A Scripter=

7.) How Long Have You Been Playing RO=

8.) Give Us An Explanation Why You Wish To Do This Part, Must Be A Good Reason=

If you are applying, Reply in here your application.

Scripter Needed Now Hiring Cenov3qh
GM Sinful
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